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We run a range of carefully structured pharmaceutical compliance / quality/ community pharmacy and validation training / education courses covering a wide range of key compliance subject areas.


The accuracy of measuring instruments and systems that are used in all industries specially pharmaceutical manufacturing to control or record good manufacturing practice (GMP) process parameters need to be maintained within appropriate specified limits while they are in service.


If you are looking to enhance your compliance performance, or to simply obtain a third party view of your current status, then we can help.

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Keeping pace with continually changing regulations and standards is hard work for knowledge seekers and professionals. Yet it's essential to keep skills sharpened and be well informed to maintain your competitive edge.

Charisma guarantee that target.

We also guarantee a sharp answers when you bring your current problems along for review and discussion by our tutor.

Charisma delivers standard and customized programs through Presenters typically have over 15 years experience in their field and will help you develop your skills and keep up to speed with current industry changes.